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The team here at 5 Axis Grinding strives to provide only the best for our customers and our community. Each team member specializes in at least one facet of our business, allowing us to provide a wide array of custom tooling and grinding options for our customers. Our team is active with our local schools, organizations, and international charities and strives to provide their best in and out of the job. 

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Owner/ President

Scott was born in upstate NY and at a young age was introduced to the world of mechanics. His father, a bit of an inventor, shared his love and passion of mechanics with Scott, including his fantastic ability to create functional machines to help heat the house in the cold winter months. As Scott grew older, he was introduced to the world of Hot Rods- fueling a passion that continues on today. In college, Scott worked for tool cutting company and eventually went on to CNC machining where he learned the skills that helped him mold his company today. He, and his wife Barb, were married in 2005 in St. Thomas, and all the while Scott continued pursuing his aspirations of owning his own company. In 2010, the opportunity presented itself and he immediately dove in. Scott turned the company around, hiring 7 employees and providing the latest cutting edge equipment to build 5 Axis Grinding to where it is today. In his free time, Scott still enjoys rebuilding hot rods, dragsters, and old American muscle cars, and when the opportunity presents itself, still hits the track hitting impressive passes of 7:60’s at 172 MPH. Scott’s passion is as relentless in the shop as it is on the track- and that is what makes him and his company, so successful.

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Master Tool Grinder

Rob was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN with his brother and grew up hiking, camping, caving, and kayaking. He is engaged to his best friend, Amanda, has two children- Brenden and Emma, and an adopted dog named June Bug. Robs son Brenden is active duty in the Army, and his daughter is a straight A student who loves violin.


Rob loves machining, woodworking, and anything that involves nature. He loves immersing himself in nature and frequently takes camping trips intentionally getting lost with his kayak or along a trail. In his free time, Rob loves caving and will go on trips deep into caves of all sizes. He and his fiancé Amanda dream of one day moving to the middle of nowhere in Washington and living on self-sustaining land of their own.


In his professional life, Rob went to vocational school for machining, moved to Ohio in 2011 to continue his machining journey with Scott, and has been loving it ever since.   

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Owner/ Office Manager

Barb was born and raised in upstate NY and fell for Scott (literally) over a night of crafts with friends. Not long after, Barb, and her then fiancé Scott, made the transfer to Ohio where Scott was offered a job. While there, Barb witnessed Scott bloom into the Engineer he is today. She found his passion and drive for the industry inspiring and watched as he quickly cultivated the business into its greatest potential. Barb, for years, found CNC machining and tool cutting fascinating. When Scott was presented with the opportunity to have his own shop, Barb was all in. Over the years Barb has continues to support her husband and best friend in all of his 5 Axis adventures- both emotionally and physically. Barb runs the clerical and administrative side of the business, handling everything from accounts receivable to health care- and everything in between. She gives her 100% every day to keep 5 Axis running, and keep both the employees and the clients, very happy. Scott and Barb are truly the dynamic duo and their passion for their company, and for each other, is evident in everything they do and represent. Together, they truly are an inspiration.




We are proudly involved in our community and beyond. 5 Axis works with local High schools to introduce students to modern skilled trades and technologies as well as local manufacturing groups. We are also proudly active with the Leukemia and lymphoma society, Alzheimer’s Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and taking part in COVID-19 relief projects including 18th Parallel Relief, The Dayton Foundation, and community charity walks and fund raising activities.


Together, we will keep our community thriving.


R E P U R P O S I N G  &


If there’s one thing metalworkers can agree on, it’s “waste not, want not,” especially when it comes to tungsten carbide. Whether in gray powder form as raw feed supply, as scrap or as tools, tungsten carbide is one of the most valuable metals, but many machine shops have it just lying around on their shelves.

Here at 5 Axis Grinding, we offer a Tool recycling Program as part of our Go Green initiative. We provide the container, the face-to-face pick up, and a fair market value that will be credited to your account and available for all future purchases.


Waste less, get more. Give us a call today, or fill out the convenient form provided. 

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